I started writing this post Monday morning, but then got distracted with projects. The previous homeown told us that we would probably start a project, then something would come up, and we would start another project.. We are doing that for sure! Ha! I’m not worried about it though. Everything will get done, it’s just funny.

This past weekend we went to a wedding in Illinois Friday and Saturday for one of our great friends. Fall weddings are sooo pretty! The bride was beautiful, the brides maids wore pretty navy blue dresses, and sunflowers were everywhere! Dave was the best man, he gave a nice speach that was heartfelt and thoughtful. The groom is a great guy who has really made a big influence on Dave. It was so nice to see him marry a sweet girl and start their life together.

On Sunday, we went to work at the house. We cleaned out the barn.. 😉 😉 We may have a plan for one of the stalls.. 😉 . I am terrible at secrets, it’s killing me not telling Gianna! ha!.. Anyway, Gianna’s birthday is October 7th, and she is the luckiest girl I know!


Another project that was started was rebuilding the ramp to the hay loft. The ramp that was there had rotted out in spots. The ramp has to be strong enough to hold a truck. I’m excited to see this thing come together.


. 20140928_184617_1     20140928_184556_1 20140928_184536_HDR_1


The previous owner had a company come in that restores and reinforces old barns. I guess the ramp was once dirt abutted up against the barn. After a while, with the thawing and freezing, the dirt ramp was pushing the barn. The company came in, removed the dirt, redid the supports on that side of the barn with cinder blocks, and built the wood ramp.


This coming weekend will be busy with Gianna’s surprise ;). We should find some time to work more on the ramp too.


Thanks for reading! I hope you had a nice weekend!

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