My husband Dave and I have talked about buying a small farm property for years, and now, it. is. happening!!! I still can not believe it! This house and the outer buildings are over 100 years old. Thinking about all the events that have happened at this farm over time is amazing. Families sat at their kitchen table in this house and talked about WWI and WWII while it was happening! It is pretty incredible to think about, and a privilege to own a home like this.

   We close on the house in a couple weeks. Right now Dave and I are having fun bouncing ideas off each other about what we are going to do with all this space. All our lives, we have lived in homes on 1/4 acre lots or less. Jumping to 3 acres that is surrounded by farm field is going to be a welcomed change for us! Here are a few pictures of the property.


Our incredibly lucky kids


The well house door

First kite flight at the farm

First kite flight at the farm

So far, our plan is to keeps bees, goats, a shooting range, and a large garden, of course. There is a strip of woods on one side of the property that we would like to clean out and make a path going through it. We have so many ideas and the drive to do them! My pinterest is overflowing!


guest house

This sweet little guest house will be mine. I am upgrading from my own office to my own house! It has its own furnace, so I can use it year round. I have lots of plans for this sweet space!

Photo by Tim Homburg

Here is a picture of the house (Photo by Tim Homburg). It has lots of original details, which I love! The original doors and wood floor is stunning! It was probably all milled locally from virgin timber. I have been all over town trying to find history on the house. No luck yet on the actual house, but I found lots of information and books about what was going on in the area during the time this was built. Around 1908 , They completed a railroad connecting Milwaukee to Chicago, the settlers put money together to build a pier so they could ship and receive goods from other cities on the Great Lakes. They built a city, it burned down, they built another city, that is still standing. It is all incredibly interesting to me!

pic by Tim Homburg

The owner made this light up sign that he hangs on the barn around Christmas. Isn’t it awesome?! It’s huge! (Photo by Tim Homburg)


We are excited to move in, in about 5 more weeks. Our closing was moved because they need to bring some things up to code. I wish we could move in right now, but it works out because Dave will be gone pretty much all next month with the army. It also gives more time for us to get our current house ready to be rented out.

Photo by Tim Homburg

Photo by Tim Homburg

One last picture. Isn’t this great?! I can’t wait to move in!! Thank you Tim for the pictures!!





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  1. Jenny

    I can not wait to see all the things you do! Please hurry up and close 😉

    • Ashley Leicht

      I know! I can’t wait! It’s going to get crazy (in a good way)!!


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