Since moving to the farm, we have had a few visitors (outside of friends and family) stop by. Today, a traveling barn painter stopped by… I can’t say it with a straight face. Every time I say it, I laugh, and I don’t know why. “Oh, honey, the traveling barn painter stopped by today, he’s only here for a little while before he moves on to the next town.”. To me, it sounds like a line in a movie, and it makes me feel very much like a city girl. We have a barn, so it makes sence that we would hire a “barn painter”.. I guess it’s the “traveling” part that throws me off. Ha! Anyway, the man said it would cost about $2,500 to paint the barn, well house, and my little house. That doesn’t sound that bad. We have been spending money like crazy though, and you never know what “surprise” repair may come up next. Painting the buildings is low on the priority list right now. I think they look pretty good and can hang out like this another year.


The barn, well house, and guest house.

Last week, a neighbor, who lives 1/2 mile down the road, stopped by. He pulled in the driveway and honked his horn a few times. We came out and chatted for a bit. He was very nice and welcoming. He knew some cool history on the farm. I can’t wait to swing by and ask him some more questions.

A few days before that, someone pulled into the driveway and honked a few times. I had just gotten out of the shower. Before I could get dressed, the guy drove off. Sorry, guy!

I wonder if pulling in the driveway and honking is farm visiting etiquette. The traveling painter did the same thing. He pulled in, honked, and waited for someone to come outside. Should I do this when I visit people? I don’t know any farm people to ask.. or visit- ha! Neither one of us grew up on a farm or were ever around one often.¬†Dave and I grew up a couple blocks from each other in a big neighborhood in northern¬†Illinois. Now, we have traveling painters that stop by looking for work. Ha! It’s all so foreign to me. I love and welcome all these new experiences: some great, some funny, some overwhelming and expensive. Buying this place is a neat adventure for our family. One day it will feel normal to tell Dave “oh, hey, the traveling barn painter stopped by today.”. Until then, I’ll say it in a weird accent and giggle every time.

Have a nice day!


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