Surprise, everything changed, again. The people who were going to buy my in-laws house (the people who wanted the house and absolutely had to close in two weeks so we kicked ass and moved all their stuff to our house in a crazy mad dash) backed out of the deal 3 days before closing… Now their house is back on the market. All we can do is laugh about this crazy rollercoaster of moving. It works out though. Dave and I can live in our current house for a couple weeks while we paint and move gracefully into the new house. Yay! Now I can get out my room color coordinated post-it’s and fancy markers and pack everything perfectly and drive everyone crazy! 😉

I got some good news from the farm owner today. He thinks we may be able to close a few days earlier. I can’t wait. Living there will be a change for us in many ways. Right now I am laying in bed listening to my neighbors talk super loud, the other neighbors dogs bark, and someone’s music. I won’t miss this noise living at the farm. I will miss having some of my neighbors around to talk to though. Living at the farm I won’t have any neighbors to talk to! That will be a little weird. I thought about all the “what if’s”, like, “what if there was an emergency and I needed a neighbor?”. But, the reality is, I have never “needed” one for help. If there was an emergency I would call 911 like a would here. Now that I think about it, I don’t think our new town even has a police station. We get the sheriff’s department and volunteer fire department. Anyway, that’s the update… it will probably all change tomorrow. Ha! 🙂

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  1. Katie

    I can’t wait to see more pictures of your farm house! I do think it’d be weird to not having anyone around, but I don’t really use our two neighbors much anyway so it’d be worth all the extra pretty land to look at! 🙂


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