Last night, Dave got a phone call that there had been a casualty of a soldier from the area, and someone needed to go notify the family.

We were joking around before the call: we were watching Modern Family, I was pinteresting ideas for the scout Valentine’s Day party, Dave was trying to get me to give him a foot massage, again, and being silly. When he answered the phone he was smiling, quickly, the conversation went right to business mode. I knew something was wrong when he said to get the Chaplain before going to the house.

After the call, Dave was quiet and just went on his phone.. I think he trys to shield me from these things. I asked what was going on and he told me.

At that exact moment, while I sat on the couch, Dave’s lieutenant was getting dressed in his dress uniform and preparing himself to go knock on a door and deliver the worst news a military family can hear. I prayed. I prayed for the man who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country. I prayed for the family to have strength and comfort and support from family and friends. I prayed for the lieutenant and Chaplian delivering the news that they would be able to find the right words.

I was surprised to hear what solider was going. I thought of him as a joker/funny type. Dave corrected me and said no, he wanted this job, he trained for this job, he is incredibly patriotic and wants to do everything he can to serve his country. Being a casualty notification officer has to be the hardest thing to do in the military.

I have met the Chaplain a couple times. She’s a very kind woman. She is the type of person where you walk away from a conversation with her and you feel calm and better than you did before. Dave thinks really highly of her. I am thankful she was there with the lieutenant when they went to the house.

Their job is to go to the family’s home, give them the notification, keep professional, and stay as long as they are needed.

I have been thinking about that family all day. I just can’t imagine. Last night they were probably watching some tv show, playing on their phones, and then they get a knock on the door that completely changed their life.

The reason I am sharing this is because before Dave and I got together I didn’t know much about the military. Learning about what goes on makes me more thankful for what I have. We would not have the freedom that we have without the men and women in our military fighting for it. I am beyond thankful for all of them.

Rest in peace




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