weekend, last weekend…

I started writing this post Monday morning, but then got distracted with projects. The previous homeown told us that we would probably start a project, then something would come up, and we would start another project.. We are doing that for sure! Ha! I’m not worried about it though. Everything will get done, it’s just funny.

This past weekend we went to a wedding in Illinois Friday and Saturday for one of our great friends. Fall weddings are sooo pretty! The bride was beautiful, the brides maids wore pretty navy blue dresses, and sunflowers were everywhere! Dave was the best man, he gave a nice speach that was heartfelt and thoughtful. The groom is a great guy who has really made a big influence on Dave. It was so nice to see him marry a sweet girl and start their life together.

On Sunday, we went to work at the house. We cleaned out the barn.. 😉 😉 We may have a plan for one of the stalls.. 😉 . I am terrible at secrets, it’s killing me not telling Gianna! ha!.. Anyway, Gianna’s birthday is October 7th, and she is the luckiest girl I know!


Another project that was started was rebuilding the ramp to the hay loft. The ramp that was there had rotted out in spots. The ramp has to be strong enough to hold a truck. I’m excited to see this thing come together.


. 20140928_184617_1     20140928_184556_1 20140928_184536_HDR_1


The previous owner had a company come in that restores and reinforces old barns. I guess the ramp was once dirt abutted up against the barn. After a while, with the thawing and freezing, the dirt ramp was pushing the barn. The company came in, removed the dirt, redid the supports on that side of the barn with cinder blocks, and built the wood ramp.


This coming weekend will be busy with Gianna’s surprise ;). We should find some time to work more on the ramp too.


Thanks for reading! I hope you had a nice weekend!

Suprise, everything changed, again.

Surprise, everything changed, again. The people who were going to buy my in-laws house (the people who wanted the house and absolutely had to close in two weeks so we kicked ass and moved all their stuff to our house in a crazy mad dash) backed out of the deal 3 days before closing… Now their house is back on the market. All we can do is laugh about this crazy rollercoaster of moving. It works out though. Dave and I can live in our current house for a couple weeks while we paint and move gracefully into the new house. Yay! Now I can get out my room color coordinated post-it’s and fancy markers and pack everything perfectly and drive everyone crazy! 😉

I got some good news from the farm owner today. He thinks we may be able to close a few days earlier. I can’t wait. Living there will be a change for us in many ways. Right now I am laying in bed listening to my neighbors talk super loud, the other neighbors dogs bark, and someone’s music. I won’t miss this noise living at the farm. I will miss having some of my neighbors around to talk to though. Living at the farm I won’t have any neighbors to talk to! That will be a little weird. I thought about all the “what if’s”, like, “what if there was an emergency and I needed a neighbor?”. But, the reality is, I have never “needed” one for help. If there was an emergency I would call 911 like a would here. Now that I think about it, I don’t think our new town even has a police station. We get the sheriff’s department and volunteer fire department. Anyway, that’s the update… it will probably all change tomorrow. Ha! 🙂

Is moving ever not crazy?

Sooo moving is getting fun. The plan is, we are buying the farm and keeping our home as a rental property. My in-laws are moving from Illinois to Wisconsin- they will be renting our house. They put their house up for sale a little after we got the closing date on the farm. Our closing was set for July 25th.

Fast forward a month to our closing date.. We learn the septic system is not up to code. This was no surprise, it’s an old house, we knew there would be issues which is why right when we were accepted we asked the relator to get the septic inspected immediately. They wouldn’t because I guess it’s customary to wait 15 days before the closing. They can’t just take the cost of redoing it off the purchase price, it can not be sold until the septic is completely redone. Getting it redone only takes a day, I hear, getting the proper permits, takes a long time. This puts the homeowner and us a month off schedule. I feel bad for the homeowner that selling is taking so long. The new, tentative closing, is August 29th.

To add to the fun, My in-laws house sold. They had to be moved out in two weeks, that’s in 4 days! Haha! Sooo the in-laws are moving in! They live an hour away, so it’s a two hour round trip for each load of stuff. Everyone kicked ass last week and almost everything they own is in our garage and basement. Soooo, in our house for a few weeks it will be two households worth of stuff in one house, my mother-in-law, father-in-law, Dave, me, Gianna, Morgan, our two small dogs, our cat, their two labradoodles, their guinea pigs, and our two chickens. Haha! The kids are excited! It will be funny to look back at this one day!

Another bonus, Dave left Saturday morning (Aug 9th) for army training in IL and Canada. He wont be back until August 24th. 🙁

I also had canceled the girls doctors appointments because they fell on the original closing. They are so booked they can’t get them in until a week after school starts..

One more thing to add to the fun.. The girls start school, at a new school, September 2nd. They said I can’t register them without a proof of address for the new house.. We close on the house 4 days earlier.. Ha!! Soo their first impression of us at the new school is me registering my kids last minute and I don’t take my kids to the doctor. Yay! Haha! I promise we are good people! 🙂

Hopefully that will be the end of the “fun”.

My emotions about our current house are sneaking up on me too. We have only lived here for 4.5 years, which doesn’t sound like a long time really, but we have tons of wonderful memories here. This is our first home, we brought Morgan home from the hospital here, Dave and I got married a few months before we bought this house so we really built our life together here. Not to forget how much hard work and money we put into the house!!! But it’s really best case scenario, we are keeping the house as a rental, and we know who we are renting too. yay!

This weekend it was just the girls and I. It was nice and relaxing. Saturday we walked around the farmers market and downtown to visit the little shops. We went to a couple art galleries later and snuggled up with a movie at night. Sunday we spent the afternoon at the beach. We built sand castles and played frizbe. Later we walked to the lighthouse with the dogs and went out to eat. It was a perfectly relaxing weekend. Just what we needed.

Everything will work out great in the end, I know that. I can’t wait to move in and organize everything. Plus, I miss all my craft stuff and tools that have been packed up and buried for two months. I’m going to try really hard to not get stressed out and just laugh about these little hiccups!




Our beach right down the road!


Parachuters all day

Parachuters land on the beach all day.



Flowers from the farmers market.

Flowers from the farmers market.


















Our Kitchen Before & After

My husband and I remodeled/updated our kitchen ourselves. We are both pretty handy. Dave can do anything and I like to think I can too.

When we moved in, the kitchen was pretty dirty. Everything was sticky, and grubby. I scrubbed every inch of that kitchen over and over for days! Everything, including the ceiling, was a bright yellow. The floor was peeling up in the corners, the cabinets were chipped…. It didn’t feel very cared for, but, we saw the potential. We knew we could make it our own.

DSC00429 DSC00299 DSC00321 DSC00322 image

The first thing we did was rip the floor out and put in the new one. I painted the ceiling white and the walls “blue sparkle” right away. Next, we started on the cabinets. We have a good amount of storage, which I love! When we took the doors off to sand them, we ended up liking the idea of open shelving better. This also worked out because the cabinet doors were pretty damaged on this side.


Dave made new shelves to put inside. I sanded and painted the bottom. Of course…. in the middle of doing our cabinets, our fridge died.. Yay for a new fridge!


Now that one side looked all pretty and new we started on the other side. It felt like the movie E.T. in our house with the plastic hallways.. Sanding cabinets in your house is a freaking nightmare! layers of dust get on EVERYTHING!!!

image image image

My dad made the countertops for us (he builds them for a living). I am sooo thankful for that and love that my dads work is in our house! Thanks dad! We extended the one side of the countertop so I would have more prep space and we could sit at the counter with stools. We also removed the cabinet hanging over the countertop to open the room up.


Dave picked the backsplash without me.. it took me a long time to get used to it. It’s funny though, when people come to our house they always make a comment on how they like the backsplash.. Then Dave gives me the “told you so” look. Ha, damnit!

One morning, after we were pretty much done with our kitchen update, I got a call from a delivery company saying they would be there in 20 minutes. I wasn’t expecting anything. When they showed up they started unloading a huge box from the truck. Dave had surprised me with a new oven!! I started crying!!! The delivery guys thought I was crazy! I cook and bake A LOT. The oven we had was an old electric one that liked to stop working in the middle of cooking. A new oven was huge to me! Thanks Dave!!


I already took some pictures down and packed them up for moving so it looks a little empty on this side. We got all new windows for the house too- that really brightened up this space.


I love this buffet we bought for this side of the room.


I made these sunburst mirrors for each side of the window.


I made this little bench for our shoes.


I’m going to list a good guess on what we spent for this remodel. When I see peoples before & after’s on blogs and Pinterest I like when they post the prices so you can see what you are getting into, you know? We took our time, waited for sales, no labor cost, and paid cash for everything which helped keep the cost down. The whole thing took us about 4 months to complete.

What we did:

  •  wood floor $300
  •  backsplash $200
  • paint (walls and cabinets) $200
  • cabinet hardware $150
  • fan $150 (If we could do it over again, I would not have put a fan there)
  • sink & faucet $300
  • microwave $300
  • Fridge $1000
  • Oven $1500

Total: $4,150 ish

If we hired a contractor: $10,000, at least.

Our result was just what we wanted. Clean, bright, and open. I love that we did everything ourselves. Everything has a story and a memory attached to it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.




imageimage DSC00429image

One last picture!


Thank you for reading!







DIY name stamped necklace

Yesterday my girls had a sleepover. I always do crafts with my kids and their little friends that hang around so I had to think of something to make with them. A friend of mine is working on some awesome metal stamped projects right now and that inspired me to get out my metal stampers.

I got my metal stampers from Harbor Freight. I have three sets, I used the 3mm set for this project.



  • Metal stampers
  • 1 Stamping blank
  • 1 Necklace
  • Jump rings (The circle rings you find in the bead department)
  • Extra beads/charms to add on
  • 1 Tassel (this one is from Hobby Lobby)
  •  Head pins (Pins you find in the beading department)
  • Hammer
  • pliers

These are 3mm letter stamps. I use this size the most. Most craft stores have them, but I saw the best deal, and more sizes, at Harbor Freight.


First you want to put tape on the blank just below where you would like to stamp. I put dashes on the tape to guide where the letters will go. I am stamping “KATIE” so I knew I wanted the “T” centered, and would work out from there.


When you stamp, do it on a hard surface. I did the stamping in my garage on the flat top of a metal vice but it was too dark to get a good picture (sorry!). Hold the stamp really tight and hit the top ONCE with the hammer. If you hit it multiple times, it could move, and you will get a double image. If you need to make the imprint deeper, carefully line the letter back up and hit it again.


If the blank gets bent from printing you can put it right side down onto a magazine and tap it with a rubber hammer to flatten it back out (the rubber hammer wont scratch it up like a regular hammer will).


Next add a drop of acrylic paint and rub it into the letters.


Wipe off the extra. Now you can see your letters! Add a jump ring to the hole and slide it on your necklace along with the tassel.


To add the little charms or beads, thread one on a headpin and bend the top to one side.


Wrap the metal around your pliers to form a loop.


Wrap the extra wire around the loop. Now add a jump ring to the loop and add it to the necklace.


Now you’re done!


See that extra little “A” I added? My friend, Katie (Hi Katie!), who I am making this for, has the most adorable little daughter named Addilyn. I though it would be cute to add her little initial on her moms necklace… Our little ones are always tagging along, right? 🙂

image image

My girls and their friend love theses necklaces. Now I want to stamp everything!

If you make one, let me know!! 🙂

Thanks for reading!