When Gianna started preschool a few years ago, they ate breakfast together as a class. I thought it was cute that she ate a meal together with all her new little friends. Then, one day, I happened to be in the classroom when they served breakfast.. I busted out laughing. It was 2 frosted pop tarts, sugary cereal, and a packaged muffin treat and chocolate milk.  It added up to about 1200 calories!  I am not for calorie counting for kids, but, HOLY HELL!! No wonder so many kids have weight problems! I figured (hoped!) it was just an off day, I wouldn’t freak out.. Yet. The next day, I became the creepy mom and walked Gianna to her seat and lingered solely to see what they were going to eat. It was some slimy French toast sticks in a packaged microvave container, some weird crap the teacher and I couldn’t figure out, a honey bun, and chocolate milk.. Ha! The teachers and I joked about how silly it was that this is what they ate when there were posters 5 feet from me about eating healthy and not eating too much sugar. She hasn’t had school food since. I am not saying I am the healthiest eater, but I do eat more than just crap carbs and sugar! I started packing her breakfast, and then from kindergarten on, her lunch.


One thing I love, is the concept of bento boxes. Bento boxes are Japanese lunch boxes where all the food is together in one container. You don’t need to use plastic bags this way. If you Pinterest bento boxes you will see they are crazy popular with some people. I follow Pinterest and Instagram accounts completely dedicated to bento boxes. Most of them are way to detailed for me to make in the 10 minutes I have in the morning, but you can simplify the ideas. Here are some I have done. image Rice, vegetables, and fruit.


Bear sandwiches, fruit, yogurt.

This one I did around Easter last year. I put crackers in the little egg.

This one I did around Easter last year. Bunny sandwiches, fruit, vegetables. I put crackers in the little egg.


Animal sandwiches, fruit, crackers in the egg.

I always put a “main dish” like a sandwich, bagel or soup. Then fruit and vegetables with a little treat tucked in.

Turkey sandwich, fruit kabob, vegetables and crackers.

Turkey sandwich, fruit kabob, vegetables and crackers.

I put a cute napkin in top before I put the lid on to keep things from moving around. 20141027_073818_1-1

On amazon you can find tons of fun lunch box accessories. The bento boxes are so fun. I figure I am going to be packing school lunches for a long time. I might as well make it fun for myself, and the girls.


I will post about the lunch box accessories and the boxes I use next. The stuff is so cute and fun for them!



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