My husband and I remodeled/updated our kitchen ourselves. We are both pretty handy. Dave can do anything and I like to think I can too.

When we moved in, the kitchen was pretty dirty. Everything was sticky, and grubby. I scrubbed every inch of that kitchen over and over for days! Everything, including the ceiling, was a bright yellow. The floor was peeling up in the corners, the cabinets were chipped…. It didn’t feel very cared for, but, we saw the potential. We knew we could make it our own.

DSC00429 DSC00299 DSC00321 DSC00322 image

The first thing we did was rip the floor out and put in the new one. I painted the ceiling white and the walls “blue sparkle” right away. Next, we started on the cabinets. We have a good amount of storage, which I love! When we took the doors off to sand them, we ended up liking the idea of open shelving better. This also worked out because the cabinet doors were pretty damaged on this side.


Dave made new shelves to put inside. I sanded and painted the bottom. Of course…. in the middle of doing our cabinets, our fridge died.. Yay for a new fridge!


Now that one side looked all pretty and new we started on the other side. It felt like the movie E.T. in our house with the plastic hallways.. Sanding cabinets in your house is a freaking nightmare! layers of dust get on EVERYTHING!!!

image image image

My dad made the countertops for us (he builds them for a living). I am sooo thankful for that and love that my dads work is in our house! Thanks dad! We extended the one side of the countertop so I would have more prep space and we could sit at the counter with stools. We also removed the cabinet hanging over the countertop to open the room up.


Dave picked the backsplash without me.. it took me a long time to get used to it. It’s funny though, when people come to our house they always make a comment on how they like the backsplash.. Then Dave gives me the “told you so” look. Ha, damnit!

One morning, after we were pretty much done with our kitchen update, I got a call from a delivery company saying they would be there in 20 minutes. I wasn’t expecting anything. When they showed up they started unloading a huge box from the truck. Dave had surprised me with a new oven!! I started crying!!! The delivery guys thought I was crazy! I cook and bake A LOT. The oven we had was an old electric one that liked to stop working in the middle of cooking. A new oven was huge to me! Thanks Dave!!


I already took some pictures down and packed them up for moving so it looks a little empty on this side. We got all new windows for the house too- that really brightened up this space.


I love this buffet we bought for this side of the room.


I made these sunburst mirrors for each side of the window.


I made this little bench for our shoes.


I’m going to list a good guess on what we spent for this remodel. When I see peoples before & after’s on blogs and Pinterest I like when they post the prices so you can see what you are getting into, you know? We took our time, waited for sales, no labor cost, and paid cash for everything which helped keep the cost down. The whole thing took us about 4 months to complete.

What we did:

  •  wood floor $300
  •  backsplash $200
  • paint (walls and cabinets) $200
  • cabinet hardware $150
  • fan $150 (If we could do it over again, I would not have put a fan there)
  • sink & faucet $300
  • microwave $300
  • Fridge $1000
  • Oven $1500

Total: $4,150 ish

If we hired a contractor: $10,000, at least.

Our result was just what we wanted. Clean, bright, and open. I love that we did everything ourselves. Everything has a story and a memory attached to it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.




imageimage DSC00429image

One last picture!


Thank you for reading!







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  1. Jean

    Looking forward to seeing all the awesome things you and Dave will do to the new place!

    • Ashley Leicht

      Me too!! We did a lot at this house in just 4 years. At the new house we will never run out of projects! Ha!


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