After grandpa’s 80th Birthday party, the girls and I drove an hour and a half down to Daves hotel. It was a super late night- we are not late night people… We were absolutely exhausted and crashed right when we got there.


Luckly, we were able to sleep in a bit before having to be at the unit.


We had a lazy breakfast at the hotel (I drank the entire thermos of coffee, I think it was meant for an entire table of coffee drinkers..eek). Morgan could not get over how beautiful the waffles were! I hope she hangs on to her genuine excitment and appreciation for the little things in life. She even brought her plate over to the table next to us so they could see this beauty. I just love her spirit!


My husband is/was a company commander in the army reserves core of engineers. Dave joined the military after completing college and landing a great job as a project manager in WI. He felt a need to do more in life, he is very patriotic, so he decided to join the military. Dave and I got back together (we dated in high school and college) shortly after he returned from officer school. My first impression of Dave being in the army reserves was that this would be a one weekend a month, 2 weeks a year commitment. I was wrong. The military is just as much of a commitment as his day job. He has had many great opportunities with the military. We have all learned so much from this experience. The military has become a big part of our family. Dave is gone a lot, he has late conference calls, and we travel with him for military obligations when we can.

This weekend was Daves change of command ceremony. The ceremony was done very nice and more formal than I was expecting. Learning the proper ways to do things in the military is very interesting. There were 161 soldiers standing at attention and the girls and I, along with the incoming commanders wife and family, were sitting up front facing everyone. I only planned to take one picture during the practice run of the ceremony (you know, so I wouldn’t look all trashy taking pictures with my phone during a formal ceremony..)… Then my Pandora started playing on my phone… OF ALL THE FREAKING SONGS IT HAD TO BE WEIRD AL’S LIVING IN AN AMISH PARADISE!!… Soooo embarasing/ funny at the same time!!!! Hahah!! WHY DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO ME?!?! Dave is all super-hero-overachiever-amazing and I giggle along to Weird Al songs with the kids in my spare time…. I really scored when I married him. ❤


Anyway, this is the picture I took before my phone went off… Super classy, Ashley….. 😉

During the actual ceremony, Dave, his boss, and the incoming commander all gave speeches. Dave always amazes me with his ability to speak so well in front of a crowd. I am beyond proud to be his wife, he is an incredible person all around.

During the ceremony they gave the wives each a dozen roses. It was very thoughful!

Daves 1st sgt gave Dave a beautiful plaque as a gift. I just love it! I can’t wait to hang It up in Daves office!


After that, 1st Sgt called me up and presented me with this army wife plaque. I can’t get over how thoughtful that was. He didn’t have to do that, I am so appreciative of how kind he is.


I believe his intent was for me to read it out loud to everyone. I was having a hard enough time hiding the ocasional tear.. if I had read that out loud, I most definitely would of broke down. I wasn’t expecting this to be an emotional event so I didn’t mentally prepare for that. It made it feel real that Dave is being deployed.

After it was over, everyone shook Daves hand and we all talked for a bit.

20151018_135737-01 20151018_125456-01

Here is one picture of all us. We were soooo exhausted in this picture. It had been a long few days.


While Dave finnished up some work, the girls and I chit chatted with some of the soldiers. Somehow, Gianna found the one soldier out of 161 that has been playing Pokemon (her obsession!) since he was a child! She was in awe of him! He talked with her for about 20 minutes about moves they do and different types of Pokemon- he seriously made her day! She talked about him all the way home! So where ever you are, Mr. Thomas, thank you!!


Now we are off to the new “adventure”. Next month we are going to meet with the unit Dave is being deployed with and their families. I am hoping to make some connections there so the families left behind can form some sort of support system for each other. 


Thanks for reading!


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