Sooo moving is getting fun. The plan is, we are buying the farm and keeping our home as a rental property. My in-laws are moving from Illinois to Wisconsin- they will be renting our house. They put their house up for sale a little after we got the closing date on the farm. Our closing was set for July 25th.

Fast forward a month to our closing date.. We learn the septic system is not up to code. This was no surprise, it’s an old house, we knew there would be issues which is why right when we were accepted we asked the relator to get the septic inspected immediately. They wouldn’t because I guess it’s customary to wait 15 days before the closing. They can’t just take the cost of redoing it off the purchase price, it can not be sold until the septic is completely redone. Getting it redone only takes a day, I hear, getting the proper permits, takes a long time. This puts the homeowner and us a month off schedule. I feel bad for the homeowner that selling is taking so long. The new, tentative closing, is August 29th.

To add to the fun, My in-laws house sold. They had to be moved out in two weeks, that’s in 4 days! Haha! Sooo the in-laws are moving in! They live an hour away, so it’s a two hour round trip for each load of stuff. Everyone kicked ass last week and almost everything they own is in our garage and basement. Soooo, in our house for a few weeks it will be two households worth of stuff in one house, my mother-in-law, father-in-law, Dave, me, Gianna, Morgan, our two small dogs, our cat, their two labradoodles, their guinea pigs, and our two chickens. Haha! The kids are excited! It will be funny to look back at this one day!

Another bonus, Dave left Saturday morning (Aug 9th) for army training in IL and Canada. He wont be back until August 24th. 🙁

I also had canceled the girls doctors appointments because they fell on the original closing. They are so booked they can’t get them in until a week after school starts..

One more thing to add to the fun.. The girls start school, at a new school, September 2nd. They said I can’t register them without a proof of address for the new house.. We close on the house 4 days earlier.. Ha!! Soo their first impression of us at the new school is me registering my kids last minute and I don’t take my kids to the doctor. Yay! Haha! I promise we are good people! 🙂

Hopefully that will be the end of the “fun”.

My emotions about our current house are sneaking up on me too. We have only lived here for 4.5 years, which doesn’t sound like a long time really, but we have tons of wonderful memories here. This is our first home, we brought Morgan home from the hospital here, Dave and I got married a few months before we bought this house so we really built our life together here. Not to forget how much hard work and money we put into the house!!! But it’s really best case scenario, we are keeping the house as a rental, and we know who we are renting too. yay!

This weekend it was just the girls and I. It was nice and relaxing. Saturday we walked around the farmers market and downtown to visit the little shops. We went to a couple art galleries later and snuggled up with a movie at night. Sunday we spent the afternoon at the beach. We built sand castles and played frizbe. Later we walked to the lighthouse with the dogs and went out to eat. It was a perfectly relaxing weekend. Just what we needed.

Everything will work out great in the end, I know that. I can’t wait to move in and organize everything. Plus, I miss all my craft stuff and tools that have been packed up and buried for two months. I’m going to try really hard to not get stressed out and just laugh about these little hiccups!




Our beach right down the road!


Parachuters all day

Parachuters land on the beach all day.



Flowers from the farmers market.

Flowers from the farmers market.


















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