This weekend was busy! Saturday night we had a surprise 80th Birthday party for my Grandpa Richard. It turned out great!! My Aunt Cindi and I just started working on it this week. We both love to plan parties! We wanted a fall colored, rustic, plaid, theme with a chili bar (different types of chili, chili dogs, Mac and cheese to add to your chili, cornbread, toppings, etc..). We had everything planned out perfectly.. then other people volunteered to bring all sorts of food (sweedish meatballs, garlic bread, fried chicken, coleslaw), soooo it sort of turned into a pot luck- Ha! It all worked out, we were thankful for the help, and the lesson in letting go of picture perfect themes. 😉


My Aunt had a big board that we covered with pictures from all his 80 years. She made a beautiful invitation, my aunt is crazy talented! I made the plaid banners and ordered some perfect “1935” posters to frame and hang around the house.

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Target has a bunch of cute fall plaid decor out right now. I want all of it, but with 5 parties/events going on in the next few weeks, It was a smarter choice to just make everything myself. Joann Fabrics had plaid 40% off last week, then I had a 20% off coupon to stack on that (yay!!). I got enough to make table cloths, runners, tray liners, and a bunch of these banners! I love them- they were so easy to make, too!


We had everyone park across the street at a church. It took an hour and a half for grandpa’s house to be fully decorated, full of great food, and packed with 50 friends and family that love him dearly.

When grandpa went to walk in the house, he was being a gentleman and holding the door for grandma and their friends. It took a good 15 seconds for them to shoo him into the house (he is so sweet!). We all yelled “Suprise!” and “Happy Birthday!”!! He was so taken back and happy! Thankfully, we didn’t give him a heart attack…. Seriously, we were a little worried! He was shocked! Families came from Michigan, Wisconsin, and drove hours just to be there. Grandpa Richard is such a happy go lucky guy, people are drawn to him. He is someone you want to be around because he is genuinely happy and positive about everything and everyone. I don’t think I have ever seen him mad, now that I think about it. When I lived in southern IL, he would come and visit all the time. We would hang out, do projects, and watch movies together. I have so many fun memories with him!


Grandpa Richard and I on one of the many family trips we took.

Grandpa Richard and I on one of the many family trips we took.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures because we were in a mad dash to get everything ready. Then the rest of the night we were filling drinks, clearing plates, and such. I think grandpa had a great time. I am so happy for him! Happy 80th, grandpa Richard!!


Dave was in Kankakee doing army work this weekend. After the party, we drove an hour and a half and met him at the hotel. I will write about that next. 🙂 

Thanks for reading!


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