I have a good routine at the new house. School schedules, Dave’s work schedule, and animal demands help keep things consistant. I know people are supposed to be all spontaneous all the time.. And sometimes that’s cool, but I really take comfort in routine. I get up around 6am, make coffee and breakfast for Dave while he gets ready for work. Then the kids come down and I make them breakfast. Gianna gets ready for school, I make her lunch, then we go sit on the bench at the end of the driveway and wait for the bus. We chit chat about school, animals, and potential Halloween costumes until the bus comes. I love our morning bus stop conversations.  🙂

Waiting for the bus

Waiting for the bus

After she’s off, I get Morgan and we go check on the animals. A couple days ago, I walked up on the chickens and saw white feathers everywhere. Right away I thought something got into the coop! Luckly, they are fine, Salt (our white chicken) is just molting. Ha! Then Morgan and I do our walk around the property checking on things. We feed The pony and donkey some grain, and check on everyone’s water and hay. We explore around the property checking on spider webs, the apple trees, the pastures, and looking for animal tracks. It’s so fun here.

Good morning, Pepper!

Good morning, Pepper!

Walking around exploring.

Then we go inside and I do a once over and clean anything left out from the morning. After that, I start on whatever project needs to be done that day. I try to keep everything organized by day so I get everything done during the week. Like today is Monday, so I need to…


-Meal plan for the week.

-Shop for meals for the week.

-Restock whatever we ran out of over the weekend. (beer!!! & Smore stuff!!)

-Do laundry from the weekend (dirty work clothes!)

Some time during this, Morgan and I have lunch and then she gets ready for school. We sit out on the bench and wait for the school bus. I am really loving this little alone time at the bus stop with each of my girls every day. They are so cute!

Waiting for the bus. :)

Waiting for the bus. 🙂

Once Morgan is off to school, I continue with whatever I have that day along with my everyday to do list. Sometimes Dave stops home and I make him lunch too. I like seeing him during the day :).

The kids get off the bus about 3:30. I make them a snack and then we do homework. Once that is done, the girls go play outside and I start on dinner. The girls set the table and get drinks for everyone and we have dinner together when Dave gets home. After that, we play a board game, read a bit, or watch a movie together.

Our weekdays go a lot like that. I stay really busy, most days I feel like I never stop moving. If I didn’t have a routine, or schedule, I wouldn’t get everything done. Does anyone else organize their house work by day?


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