I have talked about starting a blog for a couple years now, it is time I just do it. I stay home with the girls, we do lots of projects, we are buying a farm.. If I’m going to be a blogger, this would be the time to start.

I enjoy reading all types of blogs. From the sweet families you get to see grow and change over time, the inspiring crafters, ones I can count on for great recipes, and the blogs I find so incredibly interesting I can’t stop reading. I have learned a lot from these bloggers over time. It’s interesting how you can feel so connected with these families you have never met. You experience their struggles, their wins, their home renovations and parts of their heart that they write out and share freely with the community they create.

One thing that has held me back from jumping into blogging is I have a wide variety of interest. Baking/cooking, art, home decorating, family, wood working, gardening, canning, archery, shooting.. etc. I don’t really have one theme going on. Any blogging 101 article I come across suggest picking a theme and sticking to it. That makes sense. Someone who is interested in gardening may not care that I signed up to take a welding class (I can make cool garden art once I learn though!!). But, right now, I plan on staying true to what I do. Blogging about our little family adventures along with the many different hobbies we get into. If it gets a little to random, I will try to center it a bit.

Cheers to starting a new hobby!!

Thank you so much for reading (and commenting so it feels real!)!!


4 Responses to “Finally Starting a Blog!”

  1. Renee

    Aah – so cool that you are doing this! I don’t currently follow any blogs but will definitely be reading yours! Based on what we have talked about at Brownie/Daisy meetings I know you have many talents and interests. Can’t wait to see what you share

  2. Ashley Leicht

    Thank you, Renee! I am excited about it!! I have talked about doing it a while, it’s time!

  3. Ashley

    Ashley, I’ve often thought you would be a great blogger! Good for you for going for it! I feel your same sentiments about getting started on a blog…my interests, projects, hobbies, etc are all over the place. It’s almost overwhelming to think of where to begin. I think you’re idea to make it family centered is perfect! Just be authentic YOU! I follow you on Instagram and love seeing the various things you’re up to. What a dream to be out on this new *old* farm! Congrats!

    ❤️Ash DeWitt

    • Ashley Leicht

      Thank you so much, Ashley! Family centered seems to work best for me. Now I just need to get into a routine of posting and documenting projects I do. Then just go for it. 🙂


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