Yesterday my girls had a sleepover. I always do crafts with my kids and their little friends that hang around so I had to think of something to make with them. A friend of mine is working on some awesome metal stamped projects right now and that inspired me to get out my metal stampers.

I got my metal stampers from Harbor Freight. I have three sets, I used the 3mm set for this project.



  • Metal stampers
  • 1 Stamping blank
  • 1 Necklace
  • Jump rings (The circle rings you find in the bead department)
  • Extra beads/charms to add on
  • 1 Tassel (this one is from Hobby Lobby)
  •  Head pins (Pins you find in the beading department)
  • Hammer
  • pliers

These are 3mm letter stamps. I use this size the most. Most craft stores have them, but I saw the best deal, and more sizes, at Harbor Freight.


First you want to put tape on the blank just below where you would like to stamp. I put dashes on the tape to guide where the letters will go. I am stamping “KATIE” so I knew I wanted the “T” centered, and would work out from there.


When you stamp, do it on a hard surface. I did the stamping in my garage on the flat top of a metal vice but it was too dark to get a good picture (sorry!). Hold the stamp really tight and hit the top ONCE with the hammer. If you hit it multiple times, it could move, and you will get a double image. If you need to make the imprint deeper, carefully line the letter back up and hit it again.


If the blank gets bent from printing you can put it right side down onto a magazine and tap it with a rubber hammer to flatten it back out (the rubber hammer wont scratch it up like a regular hammer will).


Next add a drop of acrylic paint and rub it into the letters.


Wipe off the extra. Now you can see your letters! Add a jump ring to the hole and slide it on your necklace along with the tassel.


To add the little charms or beads, thread one on a headpin and bend the top to one side.


Wrap the metal around your pliers to form a loop.


Wrap the extra wire around the loop. Now add a jump ring to the loop and add it to the necklace.


Now you’re done!


See that extra little “A” I added? My friend, Katie (Hi Katie!), who I am making this for, has the most adorable little daughter named Addilyn. I though it would be cute to add her little initial on her moms necklace… Our little ones are always tagging along, right? 🙂

image image

My girls and their friend love theses necklaces. Now I want to stamp everything!

If you make one, let me know!! 🙂

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  1. Katie

    HI!!!!! Ashley I LOVE mine!!! These turned out so so cute!! You should sell them 🙂 Open an etsy shop and I will tell everyone to buy one! 🙂 Thank you!


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