Now that we have the new chicken coop built and painted, I can decorate!

Now, my husband is an engineer..his mind works a bit differently than mine.. He is more into how things function, getting angles just right, and over-building things so whatever he is working on is incredibly structually sound… After the basic necessities are met, my mind wanders to “how can I make this look good?!” “do chickens need furniture?” “what color combinations compliment chicken feathers?”… Ha! We balance each other out. Our differences make us a good team because we bring different things to the creative table and help each other see the other side. 🙂

Anyway, yes, I understand decorating a chicken coop is silly and has no function.. Yes, I am going to do it anyway. 😉

First, painted the nesting boxes red, yay!

Red nesting boxes in the new coop.

Red nesting boxes in the new coop.

I knew I wanted a sign to go above the nesting boxes (of course, right!?). I found metal letters at Michael’s and they were on sale! It was meant to be! I love them! Such a cool find! They didn’t have a ton of letters left, so I had to play boggle for a while until I found a few words I could use. The girls were very patient while I figured it all out…luckly they are too young to be embarrassed because every time I found a word I would get all excited! Ha!

I settled on “EGGS”, “CHICKS”, and “D&A” for Dave and Ashley.. I don’t know what I am going to do with those yet.

Metal letters from Michael's.

Metal letters from Michael’s.

At first I was just going to hang them above the coop..


But it felt like they needed another layer to make it look good. 


I cut some wood for the background and stained it dark walnut.


Then I sealed it with an outdoor gloss.



I really like the wood background with the letters. I used a metal strapping on the other side to join the wood together. Then I nailed down the letters and hung it up in the coop.

20150416_190317_HDR-01-1 20150416_190411_HDR-02-1

I will need to tack down the bottom of the letters tomorrow…I don’t notice they were bending out a little bit until I looked at this picture. 


Still fun though!! Dave was making fun of me that I keep labeling things like a preschool… “EGGS”, “ducks”, my “chicks” sign is next… Lol! As long as I don’t label “door”, “wall”.. Etc.. I think it’s alright.. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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