Mojito Frozen Yogurt

I made the mistake a few years ago of planting mint directly into my garden. Because of this, I now have a ridiculous amount of mint! I weed more mint than I do actual weeds. Luckily, I like mint. I am always trying to find new ways to use it. I love minted peas as…

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Picnic at the lighthouse

We are lucky to live by some really pretty lighthouses. Yesterday we went for a picnic on the beach by one in the town over. Every day the girls and I do something. Sometimes it’s bigger like the zoo, but usually, its us packing a picnic lunch and heading off someplace. We explore, look for treasures –…

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Finally Starting a Blog!

I have talked about starting a blog for a couple years now, it is time I just do it. I stay home with the girls, we do lots of projects, we are buying a farm.. If I’m going to be a blogger, this would be the time to start. I enjoy reading all types of blogs. From the sweet families you…

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