I did a post on making school lunches for the kids. Now I want to show you what I use to make them. Most of the supplies I use I order off of Amazon. I looove Amazon!!!! You can find everything on there, right?!

First are the actual boxes or container you use. My 8 year old is going through a growth spurt, so I use a regular rectangle lunch Tupperware for her- it has more room, that kid can out eat me any day! My 4 year old uses these character boxes. The panda, kitty, and strawberry are from Amazon.

Bento boxes

Bento boxes

These boxes open into two parts. If I was just packing a snack, I would only use one layer of the box, and leave the bottom half at home.


The little silicone baking cups help divide things and add color.


See?? Pretty!! 🙂


For sandwich cutters, I use regular cookie cutters, or cutters I find at Target and Walmart that are just for sandwiches.


I found these fun sandwich cutters on amazon that have little stamps you can use. For me, I found that cutting and pressing into the bread before making the sandwich worked better. If you try to push the stamp into an already made sandwich it gets messy. (Hello Kitty, Animals, Faces)

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The girls like when I add little picks to their lunch. I make little fruit kabobs with them and they use them to pick up raisins, berries, and other small pokeable stuff. If you were a kid, you know you would like that! Just watch out for the crazy kids so they don’t poke their friends.. 😉


Whereever I go I look for fun little cocktail picks. Party City always has a bunch, along with the party aisle at Target, Wal-Mart, and Hobby Lobby. I also use cupcake toppers for holidays and themes… you know.. because it’s normal for your kids lunch to have a theme.. 😉

Fruit kabobs! Just an fyi: this is a tile table I am taking pictures on. After looking at the pictures it looks like I am putting food on the ground.. It's a clean table, promise! :)

Fruit kabobs! Just an fyi: this is a tile table I am taking pictures on. After looking at the pictures it looks like I am putting food on the ground.. It’s a clean table, promise! 🙂

We eat a lot of rice in our family. Sometimes I pack rice in their lunches and use these super cute panda and other shape molds for the rice.


These are a few fun extras. I found the goofy spoons at Target for apple sauce and yogurt. The tiny cups are good for sauces for rice. The sushi grass is just a fun detail. The tiny cutters are great for cutting mango, carrots, kiwi, cheese, and fruit rollups. I found those in the clay aisle, of all places.. Lol


Now, a little bit of everything put into a box, and it is done! My kids like it. I have fun with it. Doing this really does not take a lot of time. It’s kind of like a little “hello, love you!” to my kids in the middle of the school day. I add notes and colored napkins. Also, if I were to pack this lunch in a regular lunch box, I would have to use about 10 plastic bags. I never use bags now.


Thanks for reading!! I post Bento box ideas on my instagram account @ashleyleicht1 also Pinterest has some amazing ideas!

Thanks again, Ashley 🙂

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    • Ashley Leicht

      Thank you!! Once I started doing this I thought it would be cool to open a bento store called the lunch box. People could pick up their kid or grownup lunches packed all cute!

    • Ashley Leicht

      Yay! Thank you for the idea do to do this as a blog post! Post pictures when you make them!! 🙂


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