Our first batch of chicks were ready for the outside coop. I still keep a heat light out there so they can go in the indoor part of the coop to keep warm if they need to. Morgan asked if she can sleep in there with them! Ha! Love that kid!

Big day for them!

Big day for them!

They were a little nervous at first.


The buff orpington chickens(yellow) are the sweetest chickens! They come right up to you and let you pet them. 


Now they have more room to walk around and explore and climb on things. 

The other batch of chicks will join them in a week. They are a little too small to be outside yet. I want their big feathers to grow out more so they stay warm at night.

Morgan and her chick.

Morgan and her chick.

Morgan can’t get enough of them. Gianna is a little jaded… The last few times she tried to hold a chicken or duck, it pooped on her.. Lol! Poor kid!

Morgan loves them

Morgan loves them

I would not be surprised if Morgan trys to sneak a few of these girls in the house.. Hopefully they stay happy in their big-chick coop!


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